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Below is the collection of publicly-advertised Mailman mailing lists on Click on a list name to visit the configuration pages for that list.To visit the administrators configuration page for an unadvertised list, open a URL similar to this one, but with a '/' and the right list name appended. If you have the proper authority, you can also create a new mailing list.

General list information can be found at the mailing list overview page.

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List Description
Academic-announce Academic SIG announcement list
Academic-discuss Academic SIG discussion list
Accessibility-announce [no description available]
Accessibility-discuss [no description available]
Alabama-announce Huntsville/North Alabama announcement list
Alabama-discuss Huntsville/North Alabama discussion list
Alberta-announce Alberta Chapter announcement list
Atlanta-announce Atlanta, Georgia Chapter announcement list
Atlanta-discuss Atlanta, Georgia Chapter discussion list
Austin-announce Austin Chapter announcement list
Austin-discuss Austin Chapter discussion list
Austinpeay-announce Austin Peay St. U. announcement list
Austinpeay-discuss Austin Peay St. U. discussion list
Australia-announce Australia Chapter announcement list
Australia-discuss Australia Chapter discussion list
Berkeley-announce Berkeley, California announcement list
Berkeley-discuss Berkeley, California discussion list
Birmingham-announce Birmingham Chapter announcement list
Birmingham-discuss Birmingham Chapter discussion list
Bowlinggreenstate-announce Bowling Green St. U. announcement list
Bowlinggreenstate-discuss Bowling Green St. U. discussion list
Brighamyoung-announce Brigham Young U. announcement list
Brighamyoung-discuss Brigham Young U. discussion list
Cac-announce CAC announcement list
Canadawestcoast-announce Canada West Coast announcement list
Canadawestcoast-discuss Canada West Coast discussion list
Carolina-announce Carolina Chapter announcement list
Carolina-discuss Carolina Chapter discussion list
Centraliowa-announce Central Iowa Community announcement list
Centraliowa-discuss Central Iowa Community discussion list
Centralny-announce Central New York Chapter announcement list
Centralny-discuss Central New York Chapter discussion list
Chapterleaders-announce Chapter Leaders announcement list
Chapterleaders-discuss Chapter Leaders discussion list
Charlotte-announce Charlotte Regional announcement list
Charlotte-discuss Charlotte Regional discussion list
Chicagometro-announce Chicago Metro Chapter announcement list
Chicagometro-discuss Chicago Metro Chapter discussion list
Cic-announce Consulting and Independent Contracting SIG announcement list
Cic-discuss Consulting and Independent Contracting SIG discussion list
Clc-announce Content Life Cycle SIG announcement list
Clc-discuss Content Life Cycle SIG discussion list
Clemson-announce Clemson University announcement list
Clemson-discuss Clemson University discussion list
Council-announce SIG Council announcement list
Council-discuss SIG Council discussion list
Eastbay-announce East Bay announcement list
Eastbay-discuss East Bay discussion list
Eastcarolinau-announce East Carolina University announcement list
Eastcarolinau-discuss East Carolina University discussion list
Easterniowa-announce Eastern Iowa Chapter announcement list
Easterniowa-discuss Eastern Iowa Chapter discussion list
Easttennessee-announce East Tennessee Chapter announcement list
Easttennessee-discuss East Tennessee Chapter discussion list
Europe-announce Europe SIG announcement list
Europe-discuss Europe SIG discussion list
Firstcoast-announce First Coast announcement list
Firstcoast-discuss First Coast discussion list
Fourlakes-announce Four Lakes announcement list
Fourlakes-discuss Four Lakes discussion list
France-announce France announcement list
France-discuss France discussion list
Houston-announce Houston announcement list
Houston-discuss Houston discussion list
Idl-announce Instructional Design & Learning SIG announcement list
Idl-discuss Instructional Design & Learning SIG discussion list
India-announce India announcement list
India-discuss India discussion list
Iowastateu-announce Iowa State University announcement list
Iowastateu-discuss Iowa State University discussion list
Israel-announce Israel announcement list
Israel-discuss Israel discussion list
Jamesmadisonu-announce James Madison University announcement list
Jamesmadisonu-discuss James Madison University discussion list
Kachina-announce New Mexico Kachina announcement list
Kachina-discuss New Mexico Kachina discussion list
Kansascity-announce Kansas City announcement list
Kansascity-discuss Kansas City discussion list
Lonestar-announce Lone Star Community announcement list
Lonestar-discuss Lone Star Community discussion list
Lonewriter-announce Lone Writer SIG announcement list
Lonewriter-discuss Lone Writer SIG discussion list
Losangeles-announce Los Angeles announcement list
Losangeles-discuss Los Angeles discussion list
Mailman [no description available]
Manitoba-announce Manitoba announcement list
Manitoba-discuss Manitoba discussion list
Mankato-announce Minnesota State University-Mankato Chapter announcement list
Mankato-discuss Minnesota State University-Mankato Chapter discussion list
Mercer-announce Mercer University announcement list
Mercer-discuss Mercer University discussion list
Metropolitanstateu-announce Metropolitan State U announcement list
Metropolitanstateu-discuss Metropolitan State U discussion list
Michigantechu-announce Michigan Tech U. announcement list
Michigantechu-discuss Michigan Tech U. discussion list
Mid-valley-announce Mid-Valley announcement list
Mid-valley-discuss Mid-Valley discussion list
Missouristateu-announce Missouri State Student Chapter announcement list
Missouristateu-discuss Missouri State Student Chapter discussion list
Missouriust-announce Missouri University of Science and Technology
Missouriust-discuss Missouri University of Science and Technology
Newengland-announce New England Chapter announcement list
Newengland-discuss New England Chapter discussion list
Njit-announce New Jersey Institute of Technology announcement list
Njit-discuss New Jersey Institute of Technology discussion list
Northeastohio-announce Northeast Ohio announcement list
Northeastohio-discuss Northeast Ohio discussion list
Northernillinoisu-announce Northern Illinois U. announcement list
Northernillinoisu-discuss Northern Illinois U. discussion list
Nymetro-announce New York Metro announcement list
Nymetro-discuss New York Metro discussion list
Oklahoma-announce Oklahoma announcement list
Oklahoma-discuss Oklahoma discussion list
Orangecounty-announce Orange County announcement list
Orangecounty-discuss Orange County discussion list
Orlando-announce Orlando Central Florida announcement list
Orlando-discuss [no description available]
Philadelphiametro-announce Philadelphia Metro announcement list
Philadelphiametro-discuss Philadelphia Metro discussion list
Phoenix-announce Phoenix announcement list
Phoenix-discuss Phoenix discussion list
Pittsburgh-announce Pittsburgh announcement list
Pittsburgh-discuss Pittsburgh discussion list
Pp-announce Policies & Procedures SIG Announcement List
Pp-discuss Policies & Procedures SIG discussion list
Pugetsound-announce Puget Sound announcement list
Pugetsound-discuss Puget Sound discussion list
Rochester-announce Rochester announcement list
Rochester-discuss Rochester discussion list
Sacramento-announce Sacramento announcement list
Sacramento-discuss Sacramento discussion list
Sandiego-announce San Diego announcement list
Sandiego-discuss San Diego discussion list
Sanfrancisco-announce San Francisco announcement list
Sanfrancisco-discuss San Francisco discussion list
Santabarbara-announce Santa Barbara announcement list
Santabarbara-discuss Santa Barbara discussion list
Siliconvalley-announce Silicon Valley announcement list
Siliconvalley-discuss Silicon Valley discussion list
Southeasternmichigan-announce Southeastern Michigan announcement list
Southeasternmichigan-discuss Southeastern Michigan discussion list
Southernnevada-announce Southern Nevada announcement list
Southernnevada-discuss Southern Nevada discussion list
Southflorida-announce South Florida announcement list
Southflorida-discuss South Florida discussion list
Southwestontario-announce Southwestern Ontario announcement list
Southwestontario-discuss Southwestern Ontario discussion list
Stc_presidents-announce Presidents announcement list
Stc_presidents-discuss STC Presidents discussion list
Stc_sigleaders-announce SIG Leaders announcement list
Stc_sigleaders-discuss SIG Leaders discussion list
Stc_studentleaders-announce Student Leaders announcement list
Stc_studentleaders-discuss Student Leaders discussion list
Suncoast-announce Suncoast announcement list
Suncoast-discuss Suncoast discussion list
Techedit-announce Technical Editing SIG announcement list
Techedit-discuss Technical Editing SIG discussion list
Tennesseetech-announce Tennessee Tech announcement list
Tennesseetech-discuss Tennessee Tech discussion list
Test [no description available]
Texastechu-announce Texas Tech U. announcement list
Texastechu-discuss Texas Tech U. discussion list
Tokyo-announce Tokyo announcement list
Tokyo-discuss Tokyo discussion list
Toronto-announce Toronto announcement list
Toronto-discuss Toronto discussion list
Transalpine-announce TransAlpine announcement list
Transalpine-discuss TransAlpine discussion list
Treasurer-announce Treasurer announcement list
Treasurer-discuss Treasurer discussion list
Trinitite-announce Trinitite Student Chapter announcement list
Trinitite-discuss Trinitite Student Chapter discussion list
Uminnesota-announce U. of Minnesota announcement list
Uminnesota-discuss U. of Minnesota discussion list
Utahstateu-announce Utah State U. announcement list
Utahstateu-discuss Utah State U. discussion list
Uux-announce Usability and User Experience SIG announcement list
Uux-discuss Usability and User Experience SIG discussion list
Uwashington-announce University of Washington announcement list
Uwashington-discuss University of Washington discussion list
Uwisconsin-announce U. of Wisconsin-Stout announcement list
Uwisconsin-discuss U. of Wisconsin-Stout discussion list
Webmaster-discuss A discussion list for community webmasters.
Westmichigan-announce West Michigan Shores announcement list
Westmichigan-discuss West Michigan Shores discussion list
Willamettevalley-announce Willamette Valley announcement list
Willamettevalley-discuss Willamette Valley discussion list
Wisconsin-announce Wisconsin announcement list
Wisconsin-discuss Wisconsin discussion list

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