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Below is a listing of all the public mailing lists on Click on a list name to get more information about the list, or to subscribe, unsubscribe, and change the preferences on your subscription. To visit the general information page for an unadvertised list, open a URL similar to this one, but with a '/' and the list name appended.

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List Description
Academic-announce Academic SIG announcement list
Academic-discuss Academic SIG discussion list
Accessibility-announce [no description available]
Accessibility-discuss [no description available]
Alabama-announce Huntsville/North Alabama announcement list
Alabama-discuss Huntsville/North Alabama discussion list
Alberta-announce Alberta Chapter announcement list
Atlanta-announce Atlanta, Georgia Chapter announcement list
Atlanta-discuss Atlanta, Georgia Chapter discussion list
Austin-announce Austin Chapter announcement list
Austin-discuss Austin Chapter discussion list
Austinpeay-announce Austin Peay St. U. announcement list
Austinpeay-discuss Austin Peay St. U. discussion list
Australia-announce Australia Chapter announcement list
Australia-discuss Australia Chapter discussion list
Berkeley-announce Berkeley, California announcement list
Berkeley-discuss Berkeley, California discussion list
Birmingham-announce Birmingham Chapter announcement list
Birmingham-discuss Birmingham Chapter discussion list
Bowlinggreenstate-announce Bowling Green St. U. announcement list
Bowlinggreenstate-discuss Bowling Green St. U. discussion list
Brighamyoung-announce Brigham Young U. announcement list
Brighamyoung-discuss Brigham Young U. discussion list
Cac-announce CAC announcement list
Canadawestcoast-announce Canada West Coast announcement list
Canadawestcoast-discuss Canada West Coast discussion list
Carolina-announce Carolina Chapter announcement list
Carolina-discuss Carolina Chapter discussion list
Centraliowa-announce Central Iowa Community announcement list
Centraliowa-discuss Central Iowa Community discussion list
Centralny-announce Central New York Chapter announcement list
Centralny-discuss Central New York Chapter discussion list
Chapterleaders-announce Chapter Leaders announcement list
Chapterleaders-discuss Chapter Leaders discussion list
Charlotte-announce Charlotte Regional announcement list
Charlotte-discuss Charlotte Regional discussion list
Chicagometro-announce Chicago Metro Chapter announcement list
Chicagometro-discuss Chicago Metro Chapter discussion list
Cic-announce Consulting and Independent Contracting SIG announcement list
Cic-discuss Consulting and Independent Contracting SIG discussion list
Clc-announce Content Life Cycle SIG announcement list
Clc-discuss Content Life Cycle SIG discussion list
Clemson-announce Clemson University announcement list
Clemson-discuss Clemson University discussion list
Council-announce SIG Council announcement list
Council-discuss SIG Council discussion list
Eastbay-announce East Bay announcement list
Eastbay-discuss East Bay discussion list
Eastcarolinau-announce East Carolina University announcement list
Eastcarolinau-discuss East Carolina University discussion list
Easterniowa-announce Eastern Iowa Chapter announcement list
Easterniowa-discuss Eastern Iowa Chapter discussion list
Easttennessee-announce East Tennessee Chapter announcement list
Easttennessee-discuss East Tennessee Chapter discussion list
Europe-announce Europe SIG announcement list
Europe-discuss Europe SIG discussion list
Firstcoast-announce First Coast announcement list
Firstcoast-discuss First Coast discussion list
Fourlakes-announce Four Lakes announcement list
Fourlakes-discuss Four Lakes discussion list
France-announce France announcement list
France-discuss France discussion list
Houston-announce Houston announcement list
Houston-discuss Houston discussion list
Idl-announce Instructional Design & Learning SIG announcement list
Idl-discuss Instructional Design & Learning SIG discussion list
India-announce India announcement list
India-discuss India discussion list
Iowastateu-announce Iowa State University announcement list
Iowastateu-discuss Iowa State University discussion list
Israel-announce Israel announcement list
Israel-discuss Israel discussion list
Jamesmadisonu-announce James Madison University announcement list
Jamesmadisonu-discuss James Madison University discussion list
Kachina-announce New Mexico Kachina announcement list
Kachina-discuss New Mexico Kachina discussion list
Kansascity-announce Kansas City announcement list
Kansascity-discuss Kansas City discussion list
Lonestar-announce Lone Star Community announcement list
Lonestar-discuss Lone Star Community discussion list
Lonewriter-announce Lone Writer SIG announcement list
Lonewriter-discuss Lone Writer SIG discussion list
Losangeles-announce Los Angeles announcement list
Losangeles-discuss Los Angeles discussion list
Mailman [no description available]
Manitoba-announce Manitoba announcement list
Manitoba-discuss Manitoba discussion list
Mankato-announce Minnesota State University-Mankato Chapter announcement list
Mankato-discuss Minnesota State University-Mankato Chapter discussion list
Mercer-announce Mercer University announcement list
Mercer-discuss Mercer University discussion list
Metropolitanstateu-announce Metropolitan State U announcement list
Metropolitanstateu-discuss Metropolitan State U discussion list
Michigantechu-announce Michigan Tech U. announcement list
Michigantechu-discuss Michigan Tech U. discussion list
Mid-valley-announce Mid-Valley announcement list
Mid-valley-discuss Mid-Valley discussion list
Missouristateu-announce Missouri State Student Chapter announcement list
Missouristateu-discuss Missouri State Student Chapter discussion list
Missouriust-announce Missouri University of Science and Technology
Missouriust-discuss Missouri University of Science and Technology
Newengland-announce New England Chapter announcement list
Newengland-discuss New England Chapter discussion list
Njit-announce New Jersey Institute of Technology announcement list
Njit-discuss New Jersey Institute of Technology discussion list
Northeastohio-discuss Northeast Ohio discussion list
Northernillinoisu-announce Northern Illinois U. announcement list
Northernillinoisu-discuss Northern Illinois U. discussion list
Nymetro-announce New York Metro announcement list
Nymetro-discuss New York Metro discussion list
Oklahoma-announce Oklahoma announcement list
Oklahoma-discuss Oklahoma discussion list
Orangecounty-announce Orange County announcement list
Orangecounty-discuss Orange County discussion list
Orlando-announce Orlando Central Florida announcement list
Orlando-discuss [no description available]
Philadelphiametro-announce Philadelphia Metro announcement list
Philadelphiametro-discuss Philadelphia Metro discussion list
Phoenix-announce Phoenix announcement list
Phoenix-discuss Phoenix discussion list
Pittsburgh-announce Pittsburgh announcement list
Pittsburgh-discuss Pittsburgh discussion list
Pp-announce Policies & Procedures SIG Announcement List
Pp-discuss Policies & Procedures SIG discussion list
Pugetsound-announce Puget Sound announcement list
Pugetsound-discuss Puget Sound discussion list
Rochester-announce Rochester announcement list
Rochester-discuss Rochester discussion list
Sacramento-announce Sacramento announcement list
Sacramento-discuss Sacramento discussion list
Sandiego-announce San Diego announcement list
Sandiego-discuss San Diego discussion list
Sanfrancisco-announce San Francisco announcement list
Sanfrancisco-discuss San Francisco discussion list
Santabarbara-announce Santa Barbara announcement list
Santabarbara-discuss Santa Barbara discussion list
Siliconvalley-announce Silicon Valley announcement list
Siliconvalley-discuss Silicon Valley discussion list
Southeasternmichigan-announce Southeastern Michigan announcement list
Southeasternmichigan-discuss Southeastern Michigan discussion list
Southernnevada-announce Southern Nevada announcement list
Southernnevada-discuss Southern Nevada discussion list
Southflorida-announce South Florida announcement list
Southflorida-discuss South Florida discussion list
Southwestontario-announce Southwestern Ontario announcement list
Southwestontario-discuss Southwestern Ontario discussion list
Stc_presidents-announce Presidents announcement list
Stc_presidents-discuss STC Presidents discussion list
Stc_sigleaders-announce SIG Leaders announcement list
Stc_sigleaders-discuss SIG Leaders discussion list
Stc_studentleaders-announce Student Leaders announcement list
Stc_studentleaders-discuss Student Leaders discussion list
Suncoast-announce Suncoast announcement list
Suncoast-discuss Suncoast discussion list
Techedit-announce Technical Editing SIG announcement list
Techedit-discuss Technical Editing SIG discussion list
Tennesseetech-announce Tennessee Tech announcement list
Tennesseetech-discuss Tennessee Tech discussion list
Test [no description available]
Texastechu-announce Texas Tech U. announcement list
Texastechu-discuss Texas Tech U. discussion list
Tokyo-announce Tokyo announcement list
Tokyo-discuss Tokyo discussion list
Toronto-announce Toronto announcement list
Toronto-discuss Toronto discussion list
Transalpine-announce TransAlpine announcement list
Transalpine-discuss TransAlpine discussion list
Treasurer-announce Treasurer announcement list
Treasurer-discuss Treasurer discussion list
Trinitite-announce Trinitite Student Chapter announcement list
Trinitite-discuss Trinitite Student Chapter discussion list
Uminnesota-announce U. of Minnesota announcement list
Uminnesota-discuss U. of Minnesota discussion list
Utahstateu-announce Utah State U. announcement list
Utahstateu-discuss Utah State U. discussion list
Uux-announce Usability and User Experience SIG announcement list
Uux-discuss Usability and User Experience SIG discussion list
Uwashington-announce University of Washington announcement list
Uwashington-discuss University of Washington discussion list
Uwisconsin-announce U. of Wisconsin-Stout announcement list
Uwisconsin-discuss U. of Wisconsin-Stout discussion list
Webmaster-discuss A discussion list for community webmasters.
Westmichigan-announce West Michigan Shores announcement list
Westmichigan-discuss West Michigan Shores discussion list
Willamettevalley-announce Willamette Valley announcement list
Willamettevalley-discuss Willamette Valley discussion list
Wisconsin-announce Wisconsin announcement list
Wisconsin-discuss Wisconsin discussion list

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