[Academic-discuss] Question about graduation cords

Pam Estes Brewer brewer_pe at mercer.edu
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I thought the chapters could order them from a vendor STC chose so the vendor would have whatever color combination we designated.  As to limitations...I wondered If there were limits on the types of clubs, etc. that can provide cords, but I have seen all types of clubs do it.


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The where they order them from would probably start with the bookstore or wherever students order caps, gowns, etc.  And if they didn't order cords specifically, I bet they would know where to start.

I'm not following the limitation part of your question....but it's been that kind of a week.


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Subject: [Academic-discuss] Question about graduation cords

Hi all-

The student members of Mercer's STC chapter asked me if STC awards cords for graduation.  STC does not at this time.  I was very interested in this idea because many clubs, honor societies, etc. give their students cords to celebrate graduation, and I would love to make this available for our student members.  If STC were to make cords available for order by chapters, do you know if we have limitations?  Where they might order them?  I would appreciate any information.


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