[Academic-discuss] Student Volunteers at STC Summit

Beth Agnew beth.agnew at senecacollege.ca
Thu Apr 26 19:56:26 UTC 2018

Hey colleagues,

As you know, student volunteers are invited to the STC Summit to assist with logistics and otherwise generally help out. This year, we are short on the number of student volunteers needed. One of the sticking points is that such volunteers need to be STC Student Members. For many of the students even the discounted $58.50 student membership fee is out of their meager education budgets.

I propose the Academic SIG sponsor 2 (two) student memberships so that the Summit can have at least 2 more student volunteers attend. The students get a lot out of the Summit, are able to attend sessions and network with the SIGs, especially ours, and it's a great opportunity for us to bring students into the fold as they are starting their Technical Communication careers.

Do I have your approval to spend a total of $117.00 of our SIG budget for these two sponsorships? Upon what criteria do you want to select these students?

Further, does anyone want to volunteer to be the Academic SIG treasurer, or hold another office in our group? 😊

Many thanks for your thoughts on this.



Beth Agnew, CPTC (E)

Academic SIG Manager

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