[Academic-discuss] Help wanted for the Academic (SIG) Community of Interest

Carol Luttrell luttrell at udel.edu
Fri Jul 17 18:39:54 UTC 2020

The Academic SIG (Community of Interest) has need of some helping hands.
Specifically, we need SIG members to help out with the following:

1.       Membership Manager:  Welcomes new members monthly with an email
welcoming them to the SIG.  Also follows up with STC members who did not
renew their membership in the SIG.

2.       Communications Manager:  Solicits articles for the bi-monthly
newsletter, which will start again in the fall of 2020.  Works with the SIG
manager on posts for the Facebook page and the discussion list.  Will take
a leadership role in SIG webinars.

3.       Contributors:  Write articles for the newsletter.

4.       Program Manager:  Manages programs sponsored by the SIG, e.g.,
webinars and Summit-related activities.

If you are interested or have a suggestion for another activity, please
contact the SIG Manager, Carol Luttrell at luttrell at udel.edu.
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