[Idl-announce] Updates: Intercom issue/ CAA / Mentor Board & two new DSSA winners

Mellissa R -- mruryk at shaw.ca
Wed Jan 27 21:57:02 UTC 2016

We have been given a reprieve and now need articles for an April 1 (no joking) deadline - the IDL SIG is guest editing the June issue of Intercom . There will be further communication on this soon. 

The SIG's Communities Achievement Award application is going in on Friday and I believe we are in good shape for an award for the 10th year in a row. It would be most helpful if you could shoot me a quick email as soon as you've read this email to tell me if you registered on STC's Mentor board as either a mentee or mentor during 2015 . You needn't have made a connection yet, just be registered. 

And, Robert and I are very honoured to announce that Viqui Dill (team lead for the Website and Programs) and Preeti Mahur (immediate past co-manager) have been awarded the Distinguished SIG Service Award for their service to our SIG. Attend the Summit this year in Anaheim and watch them walk across the stage! 

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