[Idl-announce] Thanks for everyone's help re: brochure

Mellissa Ruryk mruryk at shaw.ca
Mon Mar 13 23:27:15 UTC 2017

All of you really know how to help out a gal - thanks so much! It's very
much appreciated and I will be able to send in a great sample of my work. 

Now that I've collected all these work samples, it's time to update my
online portfolio and update my website.  Yay!  One more item on my To Do


An aside:  if you do any volunteer work for the SIG or for STC as a whole,
it's wonderful to be able to include these items in your portfolio and/or as
work samples. What's really nice is you don't need to get permission, you
don't have to redact anything. just cut and paste or attach a file. Hirers
aren't looking at whether you got paid to do the work or not. just what you
are capable of. For instance, we are looking to have a directory of
freelance and contract-able instructional designers on our IDL website. If
you were to help us design and implement such a thing, you'd be able to
point to the site and say, "See? I did that (or helped to do that)." This
would be a free SIG-member benefit (we'd have to charge anyone who isn't a
SIG member to have their name and company listed). My local chapter has such
a directory and I've had lots of inquiries from local head-hunters and
hiring companies just from that [passive] listing.


Thanks again for your help


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