[Idl-announce] It's time to renew your STC and SIG membership for 2019!

Lori Meyer meyer.communications at gmail.com
Thu Sep 20 03:07:38 UTC 2018

Dear fellow STC IDL SIG members,

The STC membership renewal season is here, and we're looking forward to
having you as a SIG member in 2019! You can renew your STC and SIG
membership at any time between now and December 31, 2018.

Your renewal will enable you to continue enjoying the many benefits of
membership in our friendly and award-winning community -- including free
registration for SIG webinars and free access to recorded webinars, along
with opportunities to grow your network, build your skills, and receive
recognition through STC and SIG awards. If you are a student, our Student
Outreach program provides an opportunity for you to have your work

To learn more about what our SIG offers you, see the Membership page on our
website <http://www.stcidlsig.org/membership/>.

You can renew your STC and IDL SIG membership by visiting the  the
membership page on the STC website and clicking Join or Renew along the top
navigation bar.

Some tips to help you with the renewal process:

-- Be sure to select IDL SIG as your community. The renewal system does not
automatically enter this information. If you are a Gold member, your SIG
membership is free, and the system will remove the $10.00 SIG membership
charge when you submit the renewal form. Gold members can join any or all
SIGs for free, so be sure to select any additional SIGs you want to join.

-- If you are a student who recently graduated, you can renew as a New
Professional at a reduced rate.

-- STC continues to offer its Corporate Value program
<https://www.stc.org/membership/corporate-value-program/>, which enables
organizations to purchase a package of individual memberships for your
entire team at a discounted rate.

-- If you are at least 65 years old, have been an STC member for 10
consecutive years, and are working 20 or fewer hours a week, you can renew
as a Retired <https://www.stc.org/membership/#1467919411098-87676508-40fa>
member at a reduced membership rate. Retired memberships include free
membership in one chapter and one SIG.  To change your membership category
to Retired, you will need to download and complete the STC paper membership
application, or call the STC office at 703-522-4114. (Retired memberships
cannot be processed online.)

-- STC membership dues are not refundable.

If you have any questions or concerns about your SIG membership, please
feel free to contact Viqui and me at manager at stcidlsig.org. We love to talk
about all of the benefits of membership in our SIG. We would be happy to
answer any questions you have, or guide you to resources you need.

Thank you for being a member of STC and the IDL SIG. I look forward to
continuing our professional journey together as fellow SIG members!

With warm regards,
Lori R. Meyer
STC Fellow
Co-manager, Instructional Design and Learning SIG
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