[Idl-discuss] [Pp-discuss] What volume of information/change can someone absorb in a day?

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Thank you all for the feedback on my question. Although I don't have a clear answer, at least I know I'm in good company!

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The velocity of change in information or procedures is closely related to the type of information-stock market prices, weather forecasts and patient medical data are different from  translations of the Bible, US treasury bill interest rates, version-controlled software or troubleshooting procedures. Most software OEMs put out multiple patches weekly or monthly to the public or even to technical customers without expecting end users to understand and retest each change they are applying. Organizations with hundreds of policies and procedures may release multiple changes every month, but the people affected by the change should have been involved in developing the new procedure and how it will be implemented.

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Subject: Re: [Pp-discuss] What volume of information/change can someone absorb in a day?

Thanks, Dawnell for weighing in. That makes sense to me.

I'm not aware of any documentation either, but to me, it's an interesting question and one that every company I've worked for has had to have that discussion - how many changes can the average employee absorb?

My experience is that when employees experience change on a daily basis or multiple-times-per-week, then end-users have challenges with overall confidence of knowing the right thing to do.
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