[Idl-discuss] Webinar 09/17: How to Design Documentation with Users in Mind by David Dick

Robert Hershenow rdhersh at gmail.com
Wed Sep 16 17:24:25 UTC 2015

Hi Rebecca,

Generally we record our IDL SIG webinars, and I assume this one will not be
an exception. However, we are still in the process of figuring out how we
want to offer those recordings to our members and/or the general public. As
a result none are viewable yet, but we hope to make them available before
very long.

I realize that answer probably doesn't help you at all, but it's all I've

By the way, your Comet Dog website is very nicely done... Hey Everybody go
look at Rebecca's website: www.CometDogStudio.com


Robert Hershenow
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On Tue, Sep 15, 2015 at 7:14 PM, Rebecca Huehls <rebecca.huehls at gmail.com>

> I'm interested in this webinar and the topic of users' mental models in
> general, but have a conflict. I don't see info about whether a download is
> available after the event, so I'm wondering if anyone on the list knows.
> Thanks in advance for your help!
> Rebecca Huehls
> Comet Dog Studio
> Fun, friendly, stellar writing — focused on technology
> www.CometDogStudio.com
> 317-255-3460
> On Sun, Sep 13, 2015 at 10:03 AM, Viqui Dill <viqui.dill at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Hey IDL SIG folks!
>> On Thursday, we're having a webinar about How to Design Documentation
>> with Users in Mind by David Dick. If you missed his progression at #STC15,
>> you can catch it online with us.
>> Register at
>> https://www.eventbrite.com/e/how-to-design-documentation-with-users-in-mind-by-david-dick-tickets-17721403194
>> See you there,
>> *Viqui Dill*
>> viqui.dill at gmail.com
>> 540.303.0323
>> facebook.com/Viqui.Dill <https://www.facebook.com/Viqui.Dill>
>> @viqui_dill <https://twitter.com/viqui_dill>
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