[Idl-discuss] Kirkpatrick or Fitzpatrick Model of Evaluation?

Mellissa Ruryk mruryk at shaw.ca
Thu Aug 18 21:47:40 UTC 2016

I might be having a job interview soon where a requirement has been
expressed as, "Knowledge with evaluation models such as the Fitzpatrick
model " 

Of course, I Googled and found that there are few references to "Fitzpatrick
Evaluation Model" but quite a few to the Kirkpatrick model. Does anyone have
any insights (on either) to share so I can sound intelligent? This is coming
through a recruiter (and as many of us are aware, recruiters are often
unfamiliar with instructional design - or technical writing as a whole) and
has perhaps made a mistake. On the other hand, I believe she has passed on
the requirements directly from her client. So. perhaps the client is trying
to weed out "poseurs" who really don't know much about instructional design
(and/or how to use Google to prepare for an interview!)

I'd appreciate any thoughts you might like to offer.


Mellissa Ruryk

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