[Idl-discuss] Kirkpatrick or Fitzpatrick Model of Evaluation? (Mellissa Ruryk)

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I have been in the Instructional Design field for 20 years.  I have never
heard of the Fitzpatrick Evaluation Model.  I think it would be a safe bet
that they made a mistake and mean the Kirkpatrick evaluation model.

To help you narrow your prep:

The official Kirkpatrick site is:

The original model was developed in the 1950s and has since been updated by
his son:

I have never been with an organization that ever conducted an evaluation at
Level 3 or 4 of the original model, even the companies that said they cared
about evaluation and were data-driven.

Know that it is neither realistic nor beneficial to evaluate everything in
depth.  But, you should do more than smile sheets ("How did you like the
class?") and at least know whether the person learned the material.  Better
yet if you can check that they applied what they learned.  And for those
very important trainings, determine if the applied behavior is contributing
to desired business outcomes.

For more about the flaws of typical "smile sheet" evaluation and how to fix:

For more about those upper levels of evaluation few organizations perform:

Good luck with your interview!!

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> I might be having a job interview soon where a requirement has been
> expressed as, "Knowledge with evaluation models such as the Fitzpatrick
> model "
> Of course, I Googled and found that there are few references to
> "Fitzpatrick
> Evaluation Model" but quite a few to the Kirkpatrick model. Does anyone
> have
> any insights (on either) to share so I can sound intelligent? This is
> coming
> through a recruiter (and as many of us are aware, recruiters are often
> unfamiliar with instructional design - or technical writing as a whole) and
> has perhaps made a mistake. On the other hand, I believe she has passed on
> the requirements directly from her client. So. perhaps the client is trying
> to weed out "poseurs" who really don't know much about instructional design
> (and/or how to use Google to prepare for an interview!)
> I'd appreciate any thoughts you might like to offer.
> TIA,
> Mellissa Ruryk
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