[Idl-discuss] Kirkpatrick or Fitzpatrick Model of Evaluation?

Mellissa R -- mruryk at shaw.ca
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Merci, Johanna - and all others who responded. I can always count on my IDL confreres to help out.
As Johanna said, I will try to turn it into a conversation and mention both while making it clear that I (now) know the difference.

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Wow that's tricky.  I've only heard of the Kirkpatrick model.  If I had to
guess, I'd say it was a voice-to-text typo.

On the other hand, there are alternatives to Kirkpatrick so perhaps you
could just go with what you know.  That is, when they ask about Firtz, tell
them what you know about Kirk and then open a conversation. The requirement
seems to be asking for a knowledge of training evaluation, so whatever
model you are familiar with should do the trick.  Besides knowing the
model, they probably want your ideas/experience with how to implement it.

Here's an interesting article looking at alternatives.

Good luck!

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> I might be having a job interview soon where a requirement has been
> expressed as, “Knowledge with evaluation models such as the Fitzpatrick
> model “
> Of course, I Googled and found that there are few references to
> “Fitzpatrick Evaluation Model” but quite a few to the Kirkpatrick model.
> Does anyone have any insights (on either) to share so I can sound
> intelligent? This is coming through a recruiter (and as many of us are
> aware, recruiters are often unfamiliar with instructional design – or
> technical writing as a whole) and has perhaps made a mistake. On the other
> hand, I believe she has passed on the requirements directly from her
> client. So… perhaps the client is trying to weed out “poseurs” who really
> don’t know much about instructional design (and/or how to use Google to
> prepare for an interview!)
> I’d appreciate any thoughts you might like to offer.
> TIA,
> Mellissa Ruryk
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