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Happy Monday IDL friends - Summit 2018 proposals are due on Friday. We
would so love it if there were a whole bunch of topics related to IDL this
year. Gather your superpowers, send them in, and share them with us.

Woo hoo!

*Viqui Dill, SIG Co-manager *

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Subject: [Stc_sigleaders-discuss] REMINDER -- PROPOSALS DUE OCT. 6TH
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Please remind your chapter and SIG members that Summit 2018 proposals are
due by Friday, Oct. 6th.

The Summit conference is a great venue for the exchange of ideas and the
promotion of the knowledge that helps our profession grow. We hope that you
and your members will share your expertise and also attend sessions that
help you gain new skills that advance your career goals.

The Summit proposal submission process is outlined here:


We hope to see you at Summit 2018 in beautiful, sunny Orlando, Florida!

Thank you!


*Marilyn Woelk*
*STC Summit 2018 Program Chair*
*STC CIC SIG Acting Manager*
*STC Rochester chapter Member-at-Large*
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