[Idl-discuss] February 19 webinar - Getting Word to Show You Some Love

Viqui Dill viqui.dill at gmail.com
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*Getting Word to Show You Some Love *

You think you’re already a Word power user. Well, you don’t know what you
don’t know… so attend this webinar to find out!

Word – the word processing program everyone LOVES to hate. Listen and watch
as our presenter, Mellissa Ruryk, explains some of the more mysterious Word
functions. While most of us know a lot about Word, course attendees will
leave the webinar saying, “I didn’t know Word could do that!” or at least
with a new tip or trick they can use.

This webinar is for anyone who loves, hates, or is mystified by Word—or all
three. Mellissa clarifies Word’s program logic (such an oxymoron) while
teaching you to “fix” Word’s out-of-the-box settings for power users like
you. A 30-year word processing veteran, Mellissa shares her favourite tips
and shows where some of the coolest functions are hidden [hint: in plain

Note: the presenter uses Windows® on a PC, with Word 365. Mac® users may
need to do a bit more research, but you’ll still learn to get some Lovin’
out of Word.

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