[STC-SM] Adobe Acrobat question

Sharon L. McDonnell s.l.mcdonnell at att.net
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That's comforting because I was thinking that the person who sent me the PDF
didn't have basic skills in creating tables! Glad to know that is probably
not the case.

I just created it from scratch, but wondered what happened.


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I had never saved an existing PDF to a Word doc, so I just tried it on a
very simple one-page document. Unfortunately, the doc I tried this on didn't
have a header/footer. I can tell you that it seems to have maintained my
original font (Calibri) and font sizes as well as the bolding here and
there. However, every line of text in the resulting Word file seems to be
inserted in a separate frame. Also, it did not maintain my original tabbing.


Below you can see my original PDF and the resulting Word file (if the
listserv will let me paste images into this reply).  Hope this helps.the
recipe is a good one, by the way!





frame showing when I captured this image so you can see what I'm talking



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If you save a PDF as a Word document, does the formatting get stripped out?
The PDF looked like a table, but when converted to Word, looked like a text
box and the header row was not defined and the footer looked like the page
number was entered manually. Should I assume the original was like that, or
was the formatting lost in the conversion?

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