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Cheri Jerue jeruec at trinity-health.org
Tue Mar 22 17:34:21 UTC 2016

I forgot to mention that I am a current member of STC and of SM chapter. Member #104287
(This is my first time attempting this so bear with me. This is a position I just left as a contractor from Jan 2015 until last week, Mar 2016 (working 40 hours a week elsewhere). These are good folks to work with - small company of about 45+ now I think, purchased by a large company late last year, very respectful and appreciative of what a tech writer does. I worked full-time for them from 2002 to mid-2004 as a tech writer. Nice, dedicated people. This is probably too much info for a posting. Please edit and cut as needed. Thank you!)

Part-time, flexible hours, Tech Writer position available at IPD Solutions in Bloomfield Hills, MI. https://www.ipdsolution.com/  It is a virtual position -- you would work from home most of the time, but would be expected to stop in the office for a few hours maybe once a week as software releases are being launched for face-to-face work time. They would give you network access and all the tools you need on a virtual desktop, from your desktop/laptop at home. Hours can be between 2 to about 10 a week depending on if a deadline or release is approaching. (my max was 15 hours in one week)
Hourly rate as an independent contractor (no benefits) was about $40.00 per hour. In 2015 I ended up working about 230 hours for them.

Requirements and essential skills are:

1.       Technical writing experience (3-5 years) preferably in a software development company

2.       Process and workflow understanding to use Functional Design Documents, meetings with SMEs, and other source information to gather information about software updates as they are completed

3.       Ability to log on to test server in Dev environment and test all functionality being documented, obtaining screen shots

4.       Write online help system topic pages in RoboHelp 11, for End User applications AND System Manager application, including:

*         Screen shots showing steps and functionality

*         Links to related topics

*         Clean and user friendly organization of ToC, topics, related information, indexes, keywords, links

*         Ability to use last version of RH 11 online help system as a base to start new version upgrade, recognizing where changes and modifications need to be made, working with SMEs and project developers

*         Compile, generate, and produce final WebHelp Pro files, review and check links and functionality, add output files to the VSS Content repository in the correct locations

5.       Produce Print Documentation from same RH source files into Word doc - reformat to add cover page with logo and front matter, copyrights, tweak ToC, adjust headings and footers as needed, clean up and PDF

6.       Write related Release Notes and bug updates in BTO app

7.       Update Installation Guides and System Manager/Admin Guides

8.       Occasionally write, design, format and produce marketing communications as directed

If interested contact Peter Ryan at PRyan at ipdsolution.com<mailto:PRyan at ipdsolution.com>  He is the IT and Projects Manager. He will want a few paragraphs (2-3) about your experience and skills for the position, along with contact info of course. He may ask for a resume.

Cheri Jerue
Senior Technical Writer
Talent Development
734-343-0065  | jeruec at trinity-health.org<mailto:jeruec at trinity-health.org>
Trinity Health | 20555 Victor Parkway | Livonia, MI 48152
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