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Hi, everybody.

I'm Michele Ladner and the president of the Suncoast Chapter (Tampa Bay area.)  We meet every other month (which seems to increase our attendance) and 
rotate among four different cities since we cover a wide metro area.  

One thing we've done is to do a food theme at each meeting (i.e. nacho night, BBQ, etc).  You can either pick the food up from a grocery store deli or area restaurant or your council members can bring a dish or two.   While this can be time consuming and occasionally messy (depending upon where your group meets), I think this has helped persuade some folks who may have driven straight home rather than show up starving and tired to a meeting after a long day of work.   Oddly enough, it has not helped us to get more students (or any students, really) to attend.

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Thanks, Cindy! I’ll start the introductions here. I’m Stephanie Donovan and the current President of STC Houston.  I look forward to sharing ideas and hearing about things that have worked with your chapters. We are trying some new things this year as well, and so I will share those if we have successes.  My biggest question for the group is with regards to meeting attendance. Our chapter’s attendance has been steady for the past couple of years, but it is lower than in years’ past.  I have spent a lot of time publicizing our events and we have a social media committee that does a great job of getting the word out to all social media outlets too.  I am seeing some older members show back up and we’ve had a few visitors are a result of this, but the numbers have actually stayed about the same. Maybe this takes time to build? Have you found a good way to get folks to your meetings again? Please share. Thanks! Stephanie DonovanSTC Houston, Presidentdonovan_stephanie at att.net From: stc_presidents-discuss-bounces at mailer.stc.org [mailto:stc_presidents-discuss-bounces at mailer.stc.org] On Behalf Of Cindy Pao
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Subject: [Stc_presidents-discuss] Welcome to the Presidents' Email List Good morning! My name is Cindy Pao, and I am the team lead for the Outreach Team on the Community Affairs Committee. This email is your notice that the Presidents’ email list is officially online. Thank you to everyone who has advocated for this list and helped round up email addresses. I suspect that some people will receive this email twice. Where it has been possible, I’ve added the email alias for a chapter’s president as well as any personal email address I have for a chapter president. If you receive the email twice, you can decide whether you want to leave both email addresses subscribed or remove one of them.  I encourage you to use this email list to communicate with each other – especially with the information sharing encouraged by the CAA – and ask around about best practices. Also know that the entire Outreach team is subscribed to this email list so that we know when you need help. Have a wonderful weekend, everyone! Sincerely,Cindy PaoAssociate FellowCo-Manager, IDL SIGImmediate Past President, Houston ChapterCAC Outreach Team LeadDistinguished Community Service Award Committee Chair“In London, my wife and I knew we would never take a bus, because we are American, and Americans do not take buses. We’re never sure how to get on them or how to pay, and we’re always afraid they’ll suddenly go in the wrong direction. I’m not saying Americans are unadventurous. We tamed the West and went to the Moon. But we did not do these things in buses. ” Dave Barry 2014 Calendar 
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