[Stc_presidents-discuss] Bookkeeper? Bank accounts? Credit unions?

President STCNE president at stcnewengland.org
Tue Aug 25 01:09:29 UTC 2015

Hi, everyone.

Our paid bookkeeper, who has worked for STC New England for 12 years, is
leaving us in December.

We must learn everything we can from her in the next four months, while
also referring to the *Guidelines for STC Community Treasurers*, published
in March 2011.

My questions to this list are:

   1. Do you have a paid bookkeeper? Are you happy with the relationship?
   2. If you don't, but rely on an STC chapter member, do you keep that
   person on year after year?
   3. If you have frequent turnover, how do you handle it? How do you find
   qualified people?

If you have any particular advice or godly admonitions for us, lay them on


--Nancy Allison
STC New England
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