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Michele Ladner micheleladner at hotmail.com
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Hi, everyone.

The Suncoast Chapter is holding elections in March.    I'll get you the contact info at that time, if we're able to able to get a few members who want to volunteer for the admin council.

Michele Ladner

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Hello, Presidents! When you send your chapter information, please include your chapter name. Elaine and I have received a few with no mention of which chapter. Unfortunately, I’ve not memorized every chapter’s president, so I’m not sure what to tell Elaine! Thank you! Sincerely,Cindy Pao  From: stc_presidents-discuss-bounces at mailer.stc.org [mailto:stc_presidents-discuss-bounces at mailer.stc.org] On Behalf Of Cindy Pao
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Subject: [Stc_presidents-discuss] 2015 Chapter Contact Information Greetings, STC Presidents: Did your chapter change leadership on January 1st? If you did, remember to notify the office and the outreach team! Send a list of your officers and their email addresses to Elaine Gilliam (copied in on this email) and me:PresidentVice PresidentTreasurerSecretaryImmediate Past PresidentDirectorsWebmaster Feel free to add titles and names to this list – I’m sure this list only scratches the surface of volunteers you have in your chapter! While you’re at it, check your chapter page on stc.org and update that. This page contains a brief description of your chapter and lists a contact person and email address for your chapter. You can also include links to your Facebook page, LinkedIn page, website, and Twitter page. Send  those updates to Elaine, too. Sincerely,Cindy Pao  
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