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Thu Jul 2 14:21:23 UTC 2015

Eastern Iowa Chapter does not have  program chair, it is the overall 
responsibility of the President, with all of the board members arranging 
one or two programs.

We have two summer board meetings. The first was the end of June with all 
of the board members brainstorming ideas for the years programs and other 
topics for the group.  We came up with a list of ideas and assigned them 
to various members to check out, with three spares in case the first ideas 
won't work.  We exchange e-mails to discuss progress, and will have a 
meeting the end of July to finalize.  At this point we have about half 
filled with committed speakers, and are working on the other half.

We are a pretty small chapter and having one person trying to handle nine 
meetings doesn't work for us, so we try to spread it around. 

President, Eastern Iowa Chapter

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