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We are pretty much in the same boat as Kim here in Southeast  Michigan. We
plan the program year and other activities in August. Our programs start in
September and run through May.


Sharon McDonnell



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Since the Eastern Iowa Chapter year runs June to May, we do not have plans
for the second half of a year until July. 
New officers are elected in May, we have meetings in June and July (when
there are no chapter meetings) and make plans for the chapter for the
Sept-May period. So we do not have a "2015 plan" we have a  "2015/2016

And when your chapter has less than 25 members, doing a regional conference
is out of the question.  We don't have the people or the cash reserves to do
something like that.   


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I agree with many of Debra's statements.  I think it's a little cheeky of
the committee to release the new CAA guidelines as 2015 guidelines. Wouldn't
it be a little more fair to keep the 2014 guidelines for 2015 and release
these new guidelines as the 2016 guidelines? 

That being said, the one thing that caught me off guard is that one of the
Required Activities is to "Submit your general plan of yearly activities for
the upcoming year [required of all communities]." Has anyone else done this
for 2015?  How was this submitted, and to whom? 


Kim Rosenlof, President 
Society for Technical Communication Phoenix Chapter 
480-710-8830 - www.stc-phoenix.com 

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Subject: [Stc_presidents-discuss] New CAA Guidelines 

Hello Fellow STC Presidents, 
As some of you know, the Community Achievement Awards Evaluating Committee
just released its latest CAA application and guidelines. Unlike previous
updates, this one is a total revamp. 
Have any of you had a chance to review the new application and think about
whether your community will be applying for an award this year? 
What are your thoughts on the achievability of the new requirements? We
would love to know. 
Our chapter, Orlando Central Florida, bases our chapter activities and
initiatives to a large extent on the requirements for the CAA, since
according to STC, these are the activities in which communities should be
engaging. To this point in the year, we have been working to the previous
year's guidelines as the revamp was not available. 
Our Administrative Council discussed the revamped guidelines and believe
that with so many new requirements, the deletion of many activities that
have long been key CAA criteria, the inherent inflexibility of the system
("either you do it or you don't" with no substitutions and only two Bonus
options), and a completely new scoring system that has raised the bar
significantly, communities will be hard pressed to achieve the goals set by
the CAA committee within the time remaining in 2015. 
We did an item-for-item analysis of the new criteria and projected how our
community would stack up against them. We determined that if we did all the
things we did last year to earn our community achievement award, we would
not qualify for an award under the new system.   
One reason for this is the requirements were apparently established for a
12-month period but the documents were not posted this yearuntil nearly
summertime, and summer is when many chapters go on hiatus. There isn't a
full year's worth of time to pull off the number of new activities needed to
win recognition. For all practical purposes, communities have four months to
An example of this is, several activities (both new and carry-overs from
previous years' guidelines) are now scored on a sliding scale heavily
weighted towards how many times the activity occurs during the year.
Particularly with new activities, which communities were not aware of and
may not have been pursuing, with just a few months left in the year it's not
feasible to achieve full points for them. 
In addition, and in a surprise move(.at least to us) , there is heavy
emphasis on regional conferences, so much so that communities who do not
sponsor one of these conferences are at a tremendous disadvantage. They lose
5 points-that's 5 out of the baseline total of 83.  Since a Platinum Award
requires 90% of the possible points, you can only lose 8.3 points and
qualify for it. Thus for all intents and purposes, if you don't sponsor a
regional conference, you can't earn a Platinum Award.   
Do you think this was the committee's intent?  If so, should they consider
the fact that smaller communities may nothave the person-power to work at
regional conferences, nor the financial resources to organize and run them?
In the interest of fairness, we feel the five points for a regional
conference should be moved to the Bonus category, and not be part of the
baseline "required" criteria. 
.and there are many such examples. 
We were wondering what you think. So would you be so kind as to answer a few
questions for us as a fellow community? 
1.       If you have submitted CAA applications in the past, were you
intending to do so for 2015? 
2.       Has the new application changed your mind about applying? 
3.       Please comment on the application: Do you believe it's a fair way
to assess the strength of a community's activities? Specifically, how do you
think your community will fare under the new guidelines? 
4.       Would your community support an appeal to the CAAEC and the Board
(if necessary) to revise the scoring in order to take into consideration the
late release of the point assignments as well as to "level the playing
field" to account for community size and financial resources? 

Thanks for your input! 
Society for Technical Communication - Orlando Central Florida Chapter
Debra D. Johnson 
Technical Communication Lead | Information Technology Services | Knowledge
Management  | Content Strategy | Information Development,  Delivery, and
Wyndham Vacation Ownership 
6277 Sea Harbor Drive 
Orlando, FL 32821 
Office: (407) 626-4428 
Cell 407-212-0963 
 <mailto:debra.johnson at wyn.com> debra.johnson at wyn.com 


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