[Stc_presidents-discuss] 2016 CAA Guidelines and Application now available

MK marykay.stc at gmail.com
Mon Feb 29 17:20:02 UTC 2016

The guidelines have been updated (minor adjustments based on feedback to
this year's process) and are now available to help with your community
planning for 2016.

Briefly, the updates include:

   - The revised guidelines and application reflect more detailed
   descriptions and examples of items.
   - Some point values have been adjusted to reflect a more fair point
   - Previously duplicated items have been removed.
   - Two new items have been added.
   - Slight changes have been made to the Required Activities.

Communities will again receive awards based on points earned (Platinum 90%,
Gold 80-89%, Silver 70-79%, Bronze 65-69%). Point will be rounded down to
the nearest whole numbers.  The Bonus category offers an opportunity to
earn up to 10 points in addition to the core available points.

The 2016 CAA Guidelines and Application will be posted to the STC resources
page soon, but both documents are attached here for your convenience.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me outside of
this email thread.


MK Grueneberg
STC Associate Fellow
@stcchicago @MKGee
STC Chicago | 2015 STC Community of Distinction | 2011 Community of the Year
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