[Stc_presidents-discuss] Meeting at Rough Draft and the next one(s)

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My aplogies. This email was not supposed to go to this list.

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> We had an excellent meeting last night. There were new faces in the room. Two people came because they were looking on Google for a professional organization like ours. One person found us through Meetup. Several people said they liked we had a social event in July. Everybody liked the facility. It was quiet so you could have a conversation, and the food and beer were good, too.
> Dr. Linn Bekin was interested in a student rush night at SDSU. I propose we do that for our October meeting. What do you think?
> Our September meeting is also a social event at Kilowatt. I will probably not do any structured networking. Unlike Rough Draft, the meeting space is free. That begs the question: do we charge for it or do we leave everyone to their own devices to buy food and beverages? Please advise.
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