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Mon Sep 11 20:13:56 UTC 2017

Hi all,

I hope this is the best way to share the info I'm writing about below. I'm a new president.

I recently attended a webinar regarding programming that talked about limitations some chapters had and the need to share our resources. I happen to represent a chapter that is rich in technical resources, and I am personally fairly technical so I am opening up our online webinars to our national STC organization for you to share with your members if you feel they'd receive value from them.

The Saturday Series

Currently, we have a series of 3 free webinars called the Saturday Series http://www.stc-psc.org/the-saturday-series/ that are held on the 3rd Sat. of each month. There are 100 seats available. If you want to check them out and offer them to your members, feel free to share the information on your web sites and newsletters. We will also record them and offer them for use on our web site once they've been completed (provided there are no technical issues). Currently we are doing Snagit, SharePoint, and Microsoft in consecutive order. I am doing the training on the first three.

It is my hope that if they are popular, other people will step up and offer their own services and we can continue to host them. We'd be happy to do that. We have a Zoom license for 100 seats so we'd be pleased to do it as a service to the organization.

Training Discount with QuickStart.com

I also wanted to mention that I was in the middle of getting a discount on training for my chapter that they are also willing to give to the entire chapter. The company is called QuickStart.com (you can't register online-you have to call her directly to request the discounts) and here are the discounts:

  *   Learn Subscription: $300/annually - retail; 30% discount to Society Members
  *   Master Subscription: $2000/annually - retail; 20% discount to Society Members
  *   Individual Self-Paced courses: Retail varies - 20% discount to Society Members
  *   Virtual Instructor Led courses: (See attached)
Contact: Angie Stevens
Strategic Partner Manager
Desk: 512-861-1971 | Mobile: 314-323-8640
NEW: angie.stevens at quickstart.com<mailto:angie.stevens at quickstart.com>

This came by way of a conversation I was having with her to develop courses for her company. It made me wonder if maybe someone from national could negotiate something from Lynda.com for our members?  Our chapter has about 1300 members. What is our national membership? It occurs to me that it is a number that has enough value as an audience to market to that there may be a value that we could pass onto members when appropriate.

I'm putting together more webinars and will be happy to share them with other chapters as we schedule them. We're also doing some other interesting stuff this year. For instance, one of our members has been working with augmented reality so we're having a special event where she does a brief talk on the subject on how technical writers work with it and then we've rented out a virtual reality center on a Saturday to play with VR. We're also trying to arrange some onsite demos with companies like Google and Amazon to show us how they run usability testing with documentation on some of their devices.

Another thing we just did was instead of emailing a survey that hardly anyone completes, we gave a free survey meeting with pizza and had about 18 people show up and tell us in person what they wanted from us. Mainly that was more networking opportunities. And not fewer chapter meetings. They liked those as well.

Our main challenge is turning out to be locations to hold all these events that they want to have. If anyone has suggestions for holding cheap meetings, please let us know. Here's a link to the info on our site: http://www.stc-psc.org/biggest-challenges-for-stc-in-2017-18/ about our challenges and suggestions we've made to members on how to help us. If you have anything to add, we'd love to hear from you.

In the meantime, we hope you enjoy our seminars and please do suggest and participate in adding additional tools to the calendar.

Lin Laurie
President of STC - Puget Sound Chapter

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