[Stc_presidents-discuss] Help needed for documentation quality study

Yoel Strimling Yoel.Strimling at ceva-dsp.com
Mon Mar 19 16:46:16 UTC 2018

I'm looking for technical communicators who can contact their customer support groups and ask them to send a small, anonymous survey to their end-user readers.

I have recently completed a study (to be published in STC's journal, Technical Communication, in 2019) that proposes a preliminary, focused, clearly defined, and reader-oriented model for collecting meaningful and actionable feedback that will improve documentation quality and increase reader satisfaction.

Aside from collecting feedback, this model can be used as a starting point for technical communicators and their managers who need to have reliable methods and metrics for measuring documentation quality. It can also be used to help technical communication instructors provide evidence-based materials for teaching students how to write quality documentation.

I am now looking for help with a follow-up study.

In this study, the survey asks readers to rate the importance of 15 empirically tested documentation quality dimensions (based on Wang & Strong, 1996), as well as to consider how their presence/absence in the documentation makes them feel (as per the Kano model). It is hoped that, by combining these two approaches and by getting a larger pool of results, the underlying theory behind the model will be strengthened.

Do you think you could help me out with this? If you think you can, contact me at yoel.strimling at ceva-dsp.com<mailto:yoel.strimling at ceva-dsp.com> and I'll discuss what I need in more detail.

For more details, see:
Wang R. & Strong, D. (1996). Beyond accuracy: what data quality means to data consumers. J. of Man. Info. Sys., 12 (4), p.5-34) .
Zacarias, D. (2015). The Complete Guide to the Kano Model: Prioritizing Customer Satisfaction and Delight. https://foldingburritos.com/kano-model/<https://www.linkedin.com/redir/redirect?url=https%3A%2F%2Ffoldingburritos%2Ecom%2Fkano-model%2F&urlhash=21GF&_t=tracking_anet>
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